Page 1: Welcome to the annual Women’s Sat Nav to Success Survey

This research survey is your opportunity to:

  • identify a clear action plan to help you achieve the success you want at work
  • develop strategies to overcome the barriers and challenges that may hold you back
  • ensure your voice and your experiences are heard and valued as part of the biggest annual survey into the UK’s employment landscape

By sharing your experiences and completing the survey, you will help to define the agenda for change, enabling women to enjoy the recognition, support, opportunities and rewards they deserve at every stage of their working lives.

You complete the survey at your own pace, and can stop, save and come back to it at your convenience. You can skip sections that aren’t relevant to you, because this isn’t a one-size-fits-all survey. However, it is relevant to every working woman in the UK. You can capture your thoughts, plans and strategies as you go through, and once you’ve completed the survey you can download your action plan, free of charge, to help you achieve your goals in the workplace.

Thank you for making a difference.


Diana Parkes,

Founder of The Women’s Sat Nav to Success

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