Page 1: Help us pinpoint the most significant strategies for women’s success

Welcome to the second annual Women's Sat Nav to Success Survey. This year our aim is to create a detailed understanding of the UK as a whole and within the major sectors, so that we can be precise and targeted about what needs to change for the benefit of individual women and their employers.

With your help, the survey will enable us to measure and report on:

  • women’s progress against the most important strategies for their success at work
  • what this means to their engagement with their organisation
  • and, how it affects their motivation to progress their career.  

By completing this survey you can help define the change agenda, enabling women to enjoy the recognition, support, opportunities and rewards they deserve throughout their working lives.

The survey can support your development planning straightaway, as you can capture the thoughts it stimulates as you go through, and when you’ve finished, you can download your own copy. So take this survey at your own pace. You can pause at any point and come back to it, or you can complete it in one go, bearing in mind that you can also skip any parts if they don’t apply to you.

Thank you for making a difference.

Diana Parkes,

Founder of The Women’s Sat Nav to Success

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